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Have a GREAT summer!

Hey everyone!

The final concert was FANTASTIC!!!

I look forward to a fresh start with NEW MUSIC in the Fall with BAND, JAZZ BAND, CHORUS, and VOICES of the ROUND TABLE!

I may post music to work on here at
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Have a great Summer! – Mr Ellis

Looking forward to Tonight’s Emerson Concert!

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Final Rehearsals, and CONCERT!

Tomorrow, Tuesday

JAZZ BAND –  We are having JAZZ BAND rehearsal tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7:30.

BAND/CHORUS:  5/6 Band and Chorus rehearsals tomorrow – Molto Importante! - Your presence is requested in a timely manner for these FINAL rehearsals. 


Concert Schedule


June 10 Concert Info

NEXT Wednesday JUNE 10th (6/10)

Concert Schedule

Bands and Choir

We are back on a normal schedule this week! 

Band rehearsals AND Choir rehearsals
Tuesday – 5/6 Band and Choir
Wednesday – 7/8 Band and 5/6 Band (LL)
Thursday – 4th Gr Band and 7/8 Band (LL)

LESSONS: Check the calendar: 
AND Email Mr. Ellis to request a time

Chorus, Band, Voices, Lessons

CHORUS: Today, Tuesday, NO Chorus. 

VOICES: NO “Voices of the Round Table” after school today.

BAND:  No Learning Lab Rehearsals this week. 

LESSONS: Check the calendar: 
AND Email Mr. Ellis to request a time

Memorial Day!

WHO: 5-8 Emerson Band

WHEN: 9:00 at the School
10:00 at the Bar Harbor Pier

WHAT: Memorial Day Ceremony: We will be performing our Patriotic Music and the S.S.Banner.

If you are not going to attend, I need to know why… fill out THIS FORM

There will be a bus from and back to the school. Dress nice, please. – Mr Ellis

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Sunday Concert – Come out for some great jazz!

Sunday, at 7:00 pm, at St. Saviours Church,  Mes Amis will be performing some Gypsy Jazz reminiscent of Django Reinhardt and other great early Jazz Artists. You guys will REALLY like the guitarist/vocalist. He is incredibly talented and writes a lot of his own music. I play clarinet, soprano saxophone, and tenor saxophone with the group. – Mr. Ellis


Details: Concert to benefit MDI Search & Rescue. Mes Amis, Sunday evening, May 24th at 7 pm at St. Saviour’s Church on Mt. Desert Street in Bar Harbor. While the concert is free to the public, donations to Search & Rescue are highly appreciated.

Calendar now working!

If you were having trouble viewing the calendar on your ipad…
(to schedule your lessons)

It is now working!

Mr. Ellis

Full 5-8 Band Memorial Day Music Rehearsal

WHEN: Thursday (tomorrow) during 2:30 Learning Lab

WHAT: FULL 5-8 Band Rehearsal 

WHO: Those attending the Memorial Day Ceremony Monday

If you are not going to attend,
I need to know WHY!
And you need to fill out THIS FORM

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.16.34 PM

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