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FREE CONCERT – Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra!!!

Fifteen of the finest New York City Jazz Musicians will take the stage at Collins Center (in Orono) on December 3rd. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.59.19 AM

I particularly encourage JAZZ BAND students to attend this FREE CONCERT

(don’t miss out – tickets are limited)

See you there! – Mr Ellis

CLICK HERE for INFORMATION on Wynton Marsalis and the Group

Winter Concert – Dec 9th

Emerson Winter Concert –  December 9th @ 6:00


• All Band Students
• 4th Grade Band
• All Chorus Students
• All Orchestra Students (5-8)


(Grades 2-4)
Is December 3rd

This Week – Veteran’s Day


• Wednesday Band rehearsals for 5/6 and 7/8 moved to THURSDAY
• No Wednesday Jazz Band, next rehearsal is Friday regular time
• No “Voices of the Round Table” this week

BAND STUDENTS: Remember to bring your instruments to school on Thursday!

Note that lesson times have also changed for 5/6 flutes, keyboards, bass and percussion. Check your email and calendar for details. 

Private Music Lessons…


Private Music Lessons make a HUGE difference!

FREE music lessons are now offered by Tri-M Honors MDIHS Music Students.
There are also a number of professional adults teaching in the area.
Go to the website for links.

For high achievement to take place on any musical instrument, one-on-one instruction is essential. School Music Programs are able to provide great opportunities for students to play music together (with bands, orchestra, jazz bands, and small group instruction). However, schools are generally not able to provide “one-on-one instruction”. This is why I advocate for Private Music Lessons outside of school.  – Mr. E


• Private Music Lessons allow for complete attention to the student
• Private Music Teachers can be chosen for strength in specific instruments
• Private Music Teachers can provide added inspiration where schools fall short
• Private Music Lessons are distraction-free
• Private Music Lessons are more about what the student wants to do
• Private Music Lessons are perfectly paced for the student’s ability

Honors Music Festival – Sat 11/7

Honors Fest

On Saturday November 7th, we are taking a select group of Emerson musicians to participate in a District VI Honors festival. This festival involves a day of rehearsing with other students within District VI and culminates in a final concert at 5:00 in the evening. 

Students invited to participate include…

Band: Annabelle W, Gabriella J, Kylie H, Alain, Z, Yarrow F, Winslow J, Molly C, Anna R, Brenna J, Sabrina C, Massimo D, Chandler S, and Jacob L.

Chorus: Sophia G, Avary B, Claire S, Sadie S, Mia R, Ruby M, Finn H, Seth C, and Zachary U.

Honors Info and Permission Slip 2015

Halloween Parade!


Join the CE BAND for the Annual Halloween Parade
TODAY (friday) at 2:00
We start at the Village Green,
March down Main and Cottage Streets,
with Many Costumed Conners Emerson Students following behind.

Mr. E

BAND – Music Lyres!!!

imagesSaxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, French Horns, Trombones, Baritones, Trumpets: You ALL should have a Music LYRE for the Halloween Parade. TAPING MUSIC to someone’s back IS NOT an option.

If you bring in $15 cash, that will cover a lyre and flip folder. Most are actually cheaper so you will get change back. I would give exact figures but every instrument is a bit different and may require different lyres. All of the Lyres will be here on Thursday next week. Bring in $15 CASH by Wednesday 10/28 to guarantee getting a Lyre!

We will also be using these for Memorial Day later this year. – Mr. Ellis

Two Vocal Annoucements

First, “Voices of the Round Table” cancelled today, Wed, Oct 21st.

Second, The music is in for Honors Festival (Nov 7th).

The following students should come pick up music…
AND let me know ASAP if you will not be attending… 

1) Sophia Geiger
2) Avary Bryer
3) Claire Sanner
4) Sadie Sullivan
5) Mia Ray
6) Ruby Mahoney
7) Finn Hansbury
8) Seth Crandall
9) Zachary Uliano

Also, Sabrina, Brenna, and Anna should come see me for their BAND music for the Honors Festival. 

MDI Sings – Tuesday, Oct. 13

ALL Choral students from all AOS 91 schools, grades 5-12,  will be rehearsing & performing together at MDIHS.

Parents/Guardians: Fill out the online permission form: HERE
• All students need to bring their own snacks and dinner.
• Students are asked to dress in jeans (no holes, please) and a blue T-shirt.

1:00 – Gather for departure from CES
1:30 – Rehearsal in MDIHS music room
4:15 – Dress rehearsal on risers in gym
5:15 – Dinner (bring from home)
6:00 – CONCERT

Parents must supply transportation home after the concert.

Again, here is the ONLINE PERMISSION FORM for parents.

More Details on the event: HERE

Music Stuff – Friday Oct 2

I am finally back today!

A few things you may want to know…

NO JAZZ BAND today, next rehearsal is Monday
• Today all Woodwind players have lessons (check your email for invite)
CHORUS Today! Yes, during Learning Lab

I may be approaching select 7th and 8th grade musicians about performing in the November 7th Honors Festival (Chorus and Band). If you know you would like to participate in this district-wide event (where you travel to another school and play/sing music with other student your age in LARGE ensembles) then come see me TODAY. Or email me…

Mr. Ellis

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