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Music Stuff – Friday Oct 2

I am finally back today!

A few things you may want to know…

NO JAZZ BAND today, next rehearsal is Monday
• Today all Woodwind players have lessons (check your email for invite)
CHORUS Today! Yes, during Learning Lab

I may be approaching select 7th and 8th grade musicians about performing in the November 7th Honors Festival (Chorus and Band). If you know you would like to participate in this district-wide event (where you travel to another school and play/sing music with other student your age in LARGE ensembles) then come see me TODAY. Or email me…

Mr. Ellis

Today 9/28 & Wednesday 9/30

MONDAY – 9/28

No Jazz Band after school today
No lessons or Band/Chorus today
Sorry! Feeling under the weather with fever… 


All Mr. Ellis Lessons and Ensemble rehearsals, except for morning Jazz Band, are cancelled Wednesday. This is due to Music Teacher meetings at the High School. We will have Jazz Band in the morning, but will NOT have Voices of the Round Table after school. Sorry everyone – slim week for music activities!

Mr. E

No Jazz Band Today – Friday 9/25

Hey Jazz Band – Take the night off!
Next Rehearsal is Monday 9/28 after school.

As a reminder to all, rehearsals are normally…

Monday 3:15
Wednesday 7:30
Friday 3:15 

Always make the Wednesday morning, try to make at least one of the others. Keep an eye on the white board in the hallway and/or the MUSIC BLOG for any updates/changes.

– Mr E

Wednesday Music

Hello Fellow Musicians!

On Wednesday (9/16), I will only be in for a half day – morning only.

No 5/6 Lessons in the afternoon
No Learning Lab Band for 5/6 (stay in study period)
No “Voices of the Round Table” after school. 

We will still have Jazz Band at 7:30 and Band rehearsals during specials.

Mr. Ellis

For those that have moved on from Conners Emerson Music and are not interested in seeing our upcoming events and notifications, note that you can unsubscribe below (click link to stop receiving emails at the bottom of this email). Feel free to stay subscribed if you want to keep in touch! – Mr Ellis

For those currently in Conners Emerson Music
Stay Subscribed!

Welcome Back CE Musicians!

Hope you had a wonderful summer!
I am VERY excited to be back! 

Here is some schedule info for those planning to be in


Rehearsals will be:
Mon at 3:15
Wed at 7:30
Fri at 3:15

First Rehearsal is Wednesday, Sept 9, 7:30 am. For those in other after-school activities, I ask that you try to work it out that you can make it to at least one of the Mon/Fri rehearsals. 100% attendance is expected for the Wednesday morning rehearsal. 

Voices of the Round Table
New Members need permission from Mr Ellis to be in this Ensemble. 
Rehearsals will be Wednesdays at 3:15 (starting Sept 9th)

Have a GREAT summer!

Hey everyone!

The final concert was FANTASTIC!!!

I look forward to a fresh start with NEW MUSIC in the Fall with BAND, JAZZ BAND, CHORUS, and VOICES of the ROUND TABLE!

I may post music to work on here at
NOTE: If you have a “home email address”, sign up for email updates

Have a great Summer! – Mr Ellis

Looking forward to Tonight’s Emerson Concert!

photo (2)


Final Rehearsals, and CONCERT!

Tomorrow, Tuesday

JAZZ BAND –  We are having JAZZ BAND rehearsal tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7:30.

BAND/CHORUS:  5/6 Band and Chorus rehearsals tomorrow – Molto Importante! - Your presence is requested in a timely manner for these FINAL rehearsals. 


Concert Schedule


June 10 Concert Info

NEXT Wednesday JUNE 10th (6/10)

Concert Schedule

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