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Riversong Instrumental Parts for Choir

LINK TO : “Riversong” Instrumental Parts & Practice Track 

STUDENTS INVOLVED: Swallowtails will play the strings parts, Carolyn will play the Flute, Massimo and Tristan on the Drums and Percussion, Winslow on Guitar,  Sydney and/or Carolyn on Synthesizer, Chandler on Bass (we will re-record the bass). Parts are online (link below)… we will start recording parts one at a time after the break! As a reminder, we are going to record all of the backing tracks for this piece – Choir will be singing this at the Spring concert, along with our recording! Fun! – Mr. Ellis

Jazz Band – NEW Music

Jazz Band – Before you head off for April vacation, pick up your parts for “Night and Day”... Alternatively, all of the parts and a link to the recording are HERE ONLINE.  If you missed the last rehearsal (or two), this is a vocal feature for Carolyn and a Tenor Sax Feature for Katie. Also has a cool Bari Sax part, right Dani? 

Next rehearsal, Tuesday the 28th, 7:30 in the AM. 

Also, someone mentioned something about Jazz Band having an annual breakfast gathering? Fill me in! Sounds fun! – Mr. E

BAND: May 25th Music & Details

BAND: Memorial Day Music and Details are posted HERE

Band on Memorial Day

On May 25th – Memorial Day

Students in Band (ALL 5-8) will be performing at the Memorial Day Service at the town pier.

I do not have many details yet, but it will likely be a mid-morning service (some of you may know more than I do). We are playing the Star Spangled Banner and some other Patriotic Music.

Mr. Ellis

Wed Lessons & 5-6 Band now Friday

ALL 5-8 Band Students: I am switching all 5-8 Wednesday (April 15th) sectionals to Friday (April 17th) this week – you will see this in your google sectional invite.

5-6 Learning Lab Band will also be on Friday this week… not Wednesday.

7-8 Band students who are available please join us Friday during Learning Lab for “Kung Fu Fighting” and our Memorial Day Music.

Jazz Band Reconvene

Hello Jazz Band!

Lets gather to go over our state festival results… and play a bit!
Tuesday Morning (the 7th) at the usual time (7:30).

See you Tuesday! – Mr. Ellis

PS: If you want to check out the festival adjudicator comments and scores: GO HERE
And, festival video is HERE…


Select Choir – Practice

Select Choir Members… Your webpage has been updated with practice files for “Change the World” –  GO HERE

Please work on your parts for next Tuesday’s rehearsal… after school until 3:45 as usual. See you then! – Mr. Ellis

Congrats Emerson Jazz Band!

Division III Second Place Finish!!!

Also, in Division IV: MDI & Tremont finished 1st and 3rd!

Kung Fu Fighting!

Hello ALL Band Students!
I just posted sheet music on the blog for Kung Fu Fighting!


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