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UPDATE for Jazz Band

UPDATE: Jazz Band Rehearsals will now be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday over break. Nothing after than until we are back in school the following Monday.

9:30 optional work on solos (email me)
10:00 to 11:30 Full Rehearsal
11:30 optional work on solos (email me)

Totally understandable if you have family plans and are not able to attend. I am offering this for those who are around and want to “keep up their chops”.

Remember we perform Tuesday at the HS (2/23) and again on Tuesday in Brewer (3/1) for Districts. I will send details about these later next week. For now… this is what you need to know/do. 

1) Get your attire ready (black, white, & grey)…
2) Timing on the 23rd  at HS – 6:00 performances (arrive by 5:30). 
3) Timing on the Districts, on March 1st, is currently unknown, but plan on missing some school that day.
4) Practice, of course ;-)

- Mr. Ellis


Jazz Band Over the Break

Jazz Band performs the TWO TUESDAYS in a row after break!  First at the High School for Island Jazz Night (2/23) and second at the District Jazz Fest in Brewer (3/1).

Recognizing the immanent performances, some of you were interested in having some rehearsals over break.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday over break
10:00 to 11:30 in the morning

Again, these are optional (I don’t want anyone to cancel family plans). Just a big of extra practice for those who are willing and able. Also, for those with solos, I will be here early (9:30) and/or can stay late (until 12:00) on any of those days.

Mr. Ellis

Today – Friday – Jan 29

A few things you may need to know about today: Friday Jan 29th…

1) NO Band Lessons Today - Sorry to those who had lessons scheduled. Something has come up and I need to leave in the morning (after 4th grade band rehearsal). 

2) NO Jazz Band after school
- see you monday, and don’t forget your first recording is due by Sunday night.

3) Pep Band Tonight (optional)
 - 6:00 in the High School Music Room.  Please note that I will not be there, so parents should be present during the event. If you forgot to ask me for a packet of the pre-game music, remember it is right on the website HERE. Also, don’t forget your music – the 4 pieces we are playing at half-time. Again, they are on the website if you forget them.

4) There WILL be Chorus to today - Mrs. Edmondson will run the two pieces we have been learning. Next week, new music (Seasons of Love from Rent).

That is all – Happy Friday! – Mr. Ellis

Friday Pre-game Music

If you are going to participate on Friday (MS Pep Band Night at the HS), the pre-game music is below. NOTE: There is not any percussion music (the High School students tend to learn those parts by rote) and I have yet to put together the French Horn music (will do tomorrow).

Pep Band Night – C Parts
Pep Band Night – Clarinet
Pep Band Night – Alto Sax

Pep Band Night – Tenor Sax
Pep Band Night – Bari Sax
Pep Band Night – Trumpet
Pep Band Night – Trombone
Pep Band Night – Bass:Tuba

Email Me if you are going and need me to print you one of these packets. – Mr. E (

Music Events for your Calendar

In case you were wondering, here are our major musical events for the remainder of the year. – Mr Ellis

29th – MS Pep Band Night at HS

20th – Show Choir Dress Rehearsal (9:00 to 2:00)
23rd – Island Jazz Night (Jazz Band)
26th – District Vocal Fest (Show Choir)

1st – District Jazz Fest (Jazz Band)
19th – State Jazz Fest (Jazz Band)
31st – Show Choir Extravaganza at HS

1st – State Vocal Fest in Millonocket (Show Choir)

5th – K-2 Spring Concert, 6:00
10th – Swallowtail Fiddlers @ Hancock Tech
11th – 3-4 Spring Concert, 6:00
26th – String Festival at HS
30th – Band performs for Memorial Day

1st – Emerson Spring Concert


Jazz Band Assignments

JAZZ BAND: Here are your NEW practice & recording assignments.

1) Practice Daily (use links below), even if it is only for a few minutes. PLAY ALONG with recordings (below)!

2) Record yourself playing each piece (one a week) for next three weeks. Use app below and email recordings to me. This is mandatory. Those who cannot fulfill this task jeopardize their position in Jazz Band.

3) Practice Your Improvisation: Those with solos,  use the iReal Pro app (links below). I will meet with each of you next week to evaluate your progress. Only those who practice improvisation will get the solos.

Big Swing Face
Chili Today Hot Tamale
Willow Weep for Me

SHEET MUSIC (In case you left your music at school)
Big Swing Face
Chili Today Hot Tamale
Willow Weep For Me

Improvisation Practice Playlist for iReal Pro on ipad (will not work otherwise)
Jazz Improv With Mr. E

Recording and Emailing Audio for ipad
Sound Recorder – Audio, Voice & Music Recording

Jazz Band Sixth Graders have permission to bring home ipads. Do not abuse this. 

The fun comes only after the hard work. Right now, it is time to put in the hard work!

Mr. Ellis

Pep Band Night at High School

We have been invited to  join our High School Pep Band for ‘Middle School Pep Band Night’ on Friday, January 29th at Mount Desert Island High School!

MDIHS Pep Band

Interested students should arrive in the music room at 6pm, wearing green shirts. Students will play along for opening set, 1st and 2nd quarter and half-time. We estimate that half time will be over and students will be ready for pickup by 7:45pm. Please pickup students at the music room (parking lot nearest football field). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Mr. Remy:

This is not an official Conners Emerson field trip, therefore parents/guardians need to remain on premises. I have another obligation this evening, so sadly I will not be able to participate in this awesome event. – Mr Ellis

We will be playing our new pieces and more… I will post other music as it becomes available. 

LINKS to Our New Music:
Firework: LISTEN  Say Hey:  LISTEN
Happy: LISTEN  Uptown Funk: LISTEN


New Music for Band

Hello BAND students!

Below are links to recordings for the new band music.

Firework: LISTEN 
Say Hey:  LISTEN 
Happy: LISTEN  
Uptown Funk: LISTEN

Are you home and you forgot your music?
Don’t worry, the sheet music is posted here…

Say Hey (I Love You)
Uptown Funk

Update last post…

UPDATE 5-8 Gr Band: Due to the 5-8 schedule changing for the 7/8 grade “Music Week”, we will not be able to have our 5-8th grade band lessons – SORRY! I’ll still see you in Band (and Jazz Band) rehearsals! We will resume the lessons on Mon, Jan 11th. – Mr E

Note: This does not impact 4th grade lessons

Welcome Back Musicians!

I am very excited about getting back to playing music this week! Here is a quick summary of what is going on… 

• 4th Grade Band: Yes, back to normal routine, but check the schedule for slight changes.

• 5-8 Lessons: Yes, we are back to normal with lessons restarting this week! Lessons Schedules will be posted in classrooms and in google calendar as usual. UPDATE: Due to the 5-8 schedule changing for the 7/8 grade “Music Week”, we will not be able to have our 5-8th grade band lessons – SORRY! I’ll still see you in Band (and Jazz Band) rehearsals! We will resume the lessons on Mon, Jan 11th. – Mr E

• Jazz Band: Yes, Mon and Fri after school, plus Wed morning, same as before the break.

• Band: Yes, during specials, but not 5-6 Band during Learning Lab on Wed this week due to Music Week.

• Chorus: We have another week off before re-starting (due to Music Week)

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