Hey All,

Next week there is NO SCHOOL on Monday.. so no lessons ­čÖü┬áThere will be no jazz combo next week as well.

There WILL be lessons on Friday this comming week.  PLEASE CHECK THE SCHEDULE TO FIND OUT WHEN YOUR LESSON IS!

Jazz band is on Wednesday at 7:15, we are learning about Count Basie and Charles Mingus

If you have questions about your music or are missing music and need a new copy please email Mr. Gill (gene.gill@mdirss.org).


4th Band:

We couldn’t meet this week due to a hike, but next week we will be reading out of our books as a whole band for the first time!

5/6 Band: 

5/6 Lessons Oct 10

We were missing our 5th grade compatriots last week. We got some good work done on Android Attack and had some successful sectionals at the end of the day.

This week we will be back full throttle with a full band! We’ll continue pushing forward with Android attack and start our new song, Clouds, with the whole band.

5th and 6th graders, make sure you know the notes and fingerings for Android Attack. Ask Mr. Gill before or after school if you need help!

Recording of Android Attack is on this page:





Recording of Clouds:


7/8 Band

7/8 Lessons Oct 10

Great rehearsals this week! But its just gonna get better.

Next week I will be introducing a new HARD piece thats going to require everyones focus and practice! This groups has a TON of talent and has lots of potential. Lets do something great.

Please make sure you have Normal learned as well as you can so we are prepared to rehearse it in class. We can’t afford to waste time as a class on individual work.
A recording of Normal can be found on this page:


A recording of Credo (our new piece) can be found on this page: