Here are the Schedules for this week.

5_6 Lessons 2016 – April 3rd

7_8 Lessons 2016 – April 3rd

**note the extra weird schedule for 7/8**

I appreciate everyone’s hard work in this crazy time of year. Congrats to show choir for their fantastic performances last week.

With all the interruptions to the schedules with testing and vacation, our concerts are approaching faster and faster! Make sure to find some time to practice! I will be working on staring up some before and after school sign-up lessons starting this week.

Change to the schedule for 5/6 band and orchestra: Tuesday learning lab time will now be 5/6 band, Wednesday learning lab with be orchestra. This will allow both groups to rehearse at 2 different days, instead of just one

This first 5/6 Tuesday band rehearsal will be Percussion Only!