Hello All,

Here are the lesson schedules for this week:

7/8 Lessons

5/6 Lessons

If you need extra help to prepare for our concert feel free to ask and we’ll work out some extra time for lessons!


The Winter Concert is at the Criterion Theatre @ 6pm. Student performers are expected arrive no later than 5:45. There is a bake sale fundraiser starting at 5:30.

Groups in the concert: 4th Band, 3/4 Strings, 5/6 Band, 7/8 Band, Full Orchestra, String Cheese, Swallowtail Fiddlers, Jazz Band, Chorus, Show Choir, Voices of the Round Table, Trumpet Troubadours. No K-4 General music in this concert. 

Thursday morning from 9-12 all groups performing in the concert will be sound checking at the criterion theatre. All students will need their instruments and music on Thursday (Instruments can be left in the criterion after soundcheck) Students will be expected to bring their instruments home after the concert (unless another situation is worked out with me).

Parent Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for parent volunteers to make the soundcheck process as smooth as possible. We could use help supervising students in the theatre while they are not on stage as well as on the bus rides to and from the theatre. We are also looking for volunteers with trucks or large vans to help transport our percussion/large instruments. We will be transporting the instruments at 8:45am on Thursday and then bringing them back to CES after the concert/the morning after the concert. Please contact if you would be available to help with any of these needs. (gene.gill@mdirss.org) Thank you!