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Week of December 5th

Here are the lessons for the week of December 5th.

5/6 Lessons Dec 5

7/8 Lessons Dec 5

Concert for 2-4th grade is on Wednesday! 4th grade band will be performing.

5/6 band and 7/8 band: We have 4 more rehearsals until our concert on the 19th. Come to rehearsals and lessons prepared with your parts ready to work. See you next week!

Nov 28th

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Break!

Here are the lesson schedules for this week:

7/8 Lessons Nov 28th

5/6 Lessons Nov 28th

This Wednesday we are being visited by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Hall! They are world class fiddle and cello duo playing traditional Scottish music. While there are no lessons on Wednesdays, all band groups will have a chance to meet so bring your instruments!

Our 4th grade concert is on December 7th.

Our 5-8 Concert is on December 19th.

Nov 14

Here are the lesson schedule for this week! pardon how late they are up, had a last minute change. I will not be here on Thursday this week due to a doctors appointment in Bangor.


Here you go:

5/6 Lessons

7/8 Lessons

There will be no Bass or Clarinet Lessons this week for 4th grade. Sorry!



Halloween Week

Hey all,


Think you need:

  1. Instrument
  2. Music (In a flip folder)
  3. Lyre
  4. Halloween Spirit (can be in form of a costume or just general spooky feelings)

We will be playing OUTSIDE, make sure you are dressed to be outside for an hour or so.

Grades 5-8 Band Members will gather in the Band room at 1:15 and walk to the Park at 1:40 for 2:00 start.




Lessons for Week of October 17th


7/8 Lessons week of October 17th


5/6 Lessons for week of October 17th

Week of October 10th Preview

Hey All,

Next week there is NO SCHOOL on Monday.. so no lessons 🙁 There will be no jazz combo next week as well.

There WILL be lessons on Friday this comming week.  PLEASE CHECK THE SCHEDULE TO FIND OUT WHEN YOUR LESSON IS!

Jazz band is on Wednesday at 7:15, we are learning about Count Basie and Charles Mingus

If you have questions about your music or are missing music and need a new copy please email Mr. Gill (


4th Band:

We couldn’t meet this week due to a hike, but next week we will be reading out of our books as a whole band for the first time!

5/6 Band: 

5/6 Lessons Oct 10

We were missing our 5th grade compatriots last week. We got some good work done on Android Attack and had some successful sectionals at the end of the day.

This week we will be back full throttle with a full band! We’ll continue pushing forward with Android attack and start our new song, Clouds, with the whole band.

5th and 6th graders, make sure you know the notes and fingerings for Android Attack. Ask Mr. Gill before or after school if you need help!

Recording of Android Attack is on this page:




Recording of Clouds:


7/8 Band

7/8 Lessons Oct 10

Great rehearsals this week! But its just gonna get better.

Next week I will be introducing a new HARD piece thats going to require everyones focus and practice! This groups has a TON of talent and has lots of potential. Lets do something great.

Please make sure you have Normal learned as well as you can so we are prepared to rehearse it in class. We can’t afford to waste time as a class on individual work.
A recording of Normal can be found on this page:

A recording of Credo (our new piece) can be found on this page:


Lesson Schedule for Week of Oct 3rd

5/6 Lessons Oct.

7/8 Lessons Oct. 3

4th grade lessons are the same times every week.

Students, we are transitioning into concert music. Please have the parade music learned to the best of your abilities. We will still rehearse it, just less.


Reminder Jazz Combo is every Monday after school until 4

Jazz Band is every Wednesday morning starting at 7:15


See you tomorrow!

Lesson Schedules: Week of September 26th

Hi All,

Lessons have been shifting around for many students. We are trying out different solutions to scheduling problems that have arose.  4th grade lessons will not change. 5-8 lessons will rotate between two times each week to avoid missing the same class each week. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

4th Grade Lessons

7/8 Lessons Sept 26th

5/6 Lessons Sept 26


I will be posting schedules for lessons on the website starting this week. Students, make sure you check the schedule and make sure you bring your instruments/stick and are prepared!

Things are starting to get rolling, I’m real excited for the rest of this year!

-Mr. Gill



Jazz Band and Lesson Schedules

Hope everyone is having a great start to the school year!

In the next few weeks I will begin posting lesson schedules on this site. Right now they are still moving around quite a bit due to schedule conflicts. For now, students can find weekly lesson schedules posted in their classrooms. The daily schedule for lessons is posted on a whiteboard outside of my room. I also send an email the day before the lesson.

Students please take responsibility for knowing your lesson time! Lessons are mandatory.


Jazz Band will be meeting at 7:15 am on Wednesday mornings.  Hoping to have a full band this week so we can start reading some charts!

Jazz band is open to any student, however the music will be around the 7-8th grade level. It could be a great challenge for an advanced 5th or 6th student, but will require lots of practice outside of rehearsal outside of class.

For students looking for a further challenge, or more exposure to Jazz,  Jazz Combo will be after school on Mondays 3:10-4:10. We will be working on small group playing, improvisation, theory, transcription and history in that group.

Welcome Back

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gene Gill, I am the new band teacher this year at Conners Emerson. A little about me, I grew up on Kodiak Island in Alaska and am a recent graduate of Arizona State University. I completed my student teaching last fall with Heather Graves (MDES) and Michael Remy (MDIHS).  My primary instrument is saxophone, but I have been working on a lot of trumpet recently. I am excited to start up band and lessons with all the students!

I will be using this website for parent and student communication for music related news and events. If you are currently not subscribed for email updates you can do so by pressing the subscribe button at the bottom right of the site.

Feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns.


-Gene Gill


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