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Week of Jan 23rd

Here are the lesson schedules for this week

Jan 23rd 5/6 band

Jan 23rd 7/8 Band

We had a great turnout at middle school pep band night!

Thanks to all who came, it was a awesome time!

middle school pep band night this Friday!

This Friday is middle school pep band night! While not required, it is an awesome experience for the younger students to be a part of the high school pep band!

Students should have at least Firework, Say Hey, Uptown Funk, and Happy from their lessons with Mr Gill. These will be the half time songs! The other pep band songs are located here

High school students will have all of the music and will share their music and help out the younger players! Don’t stress about knowing every single song perfectly, it is a fun, relaxed experience!

Hope to see you all there!

Here is a letter from Mr. Remy at the high school:


I hope that this finds you well! We are writing to invite all MDIRSS band students to join our high school pep band for ‘Middle School Pep Band Night’ on Friday, January 20th at Mount Desert Island High School! Interested students should arrive in the music room at 6pm, wearing green shirts. Students will play along for opening set, 1st and 2nd quarter and half-time. We estimate that half time will be over and students will be ready for pickup by 7:45pm. Please pickup students at the music room (parking lot nearest football field). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me!

We are so PUMPED about this event and look forward to seeing you! Sincerely,

Michael Remy

MDIHS band director

Week of Jan 16th

Here are the lesson schedules for this week!

7/8 Lessons Jan 16th

5/6 Lessons Jan 16th


Week Of January 9th

Here are the lesson schedules for this week:

7/8 Lessons Jan 9th

5/6 Lessons Jan 9th

Excited to start lessons again and get moving on our next projects. Middle School Pep band night will be on January 20th, more info to come.

Thanks to everyone involved for a great music week. The performances were fantastic!

Week of Dec 19th

Here is a look at the week of the 19th!

Our concert is on TUESDAY night at 6pm ( I said 7pm before, this was a mistake, sorry!!!) Students should arrive by 5:45.  Each musical group will have a dress rehearsal at school sometime Tuesday morning.


Here are the lesson schedules for the week:

5/6 Lessons Dec 19

7/8 Lessons Dec 19


So excited to share our music on Tuesday (at 6pm)!!!

Week of Dec 12

Here are the lesson schedules for the coming week. There are some changes to groups so make sure to check when your time/date is! We are slowly gaining trombone players, exciting!

Dec 12 Lessons 5/6

Dec 12 Lessons 7/8

Congratulations to 4th grade band who killed it on their performance last week! What a great band.

5-8 concert will be on the 20th at 7. I am excited to share what we’ve been working on. Students: we have 2 rehearsals left. Come prepared to work and get the finishing touches done!

Week of December 5th

Here are the lessons for the week of December 5th.

5/6 Lessons Dec 5

7/8 Lessons Dec 5

Concert for 2-4th grade is on Wednesday! 4th grade band will be performing.

5/6 band and 7/8 band: We have 4 more rehearsals until our concert on the 19th. Come to rehearsals and lessons prepared with your parts ready to work. See you next week!

Nov 28th

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Break!

Here are the lesson schedules for this week:

7/8 Lessons Nov 28th

5/6 Lessons Nov 28th

This Wednesday we are being visited by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Hall! They are world class fiddle and cello duo playing traditional Scottish music. While there are no lessons on Wednesdays, all band groups will have a chance to meet so bring your instruments!

Our 4th grade concert is on December 7th.

Our 5-8 Concert is on December 19th.

Nov 14

Here are the lesson schedule for this week! pardon how late they are up, had a last minute change. I will not be here on Thursday this week due to a doctors appointment in Bangor.


Here you go:

5/6 Lessons

7/8 Lessons

There will be no Bass or Clarinet Lessons this week for 4th grade. Sorry!



Halloween Week

Hey all,


Think you need:

  1. Instrument
  2. Music (In a flip folder)
  3. Lyre
  4. Halloween Spirit (can be in form of a costume or just general spooky feelings)

We will be playing OUTSIDE, make sure you are dressed to be outside for an hour or so.

Grades 5-8 Band Members will gather in the Band room at 1:15 and walk to the Park at 1:40 for 2:00 start.




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