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Week of Nov 27th

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Here are the lessons for this week:

7/8 Lessons

5/6 Lessons

Our concert is fast approaching! It is December 7th at the Criterion Theatre. We’ll be the final touches on our concert music in our last few rehearsals, so make sure to practice any problem spots. I want to make sure everyone feels confident and excited going into the concert. I am available for before school help with anything, just swing by my office to set up a time.

There will be no jazz band this Friday but there will be jazz on Wednesday morning, starting right at 7:30.



Week of November 8th

Hello all!

I have been so proud of all the bands in the last few weeks. They sounded great for the parade and are really working hard on our concert music. I can’t wait to hear how it will sound in the criterion theater!

Here are the lesson schedules for this week:

7/8 Lessons

5/6 Lessons

Lessons groups are a bit condensed this week because I am subbing for Mrs. Edmondson’s classes while she is in DC. Make sure you check when your lesson is!

Looking forward, our concert is on the 7th of December. Even though that is still a month away, we are missing a week for thanksgiving. Make sure to find some time to practice! Students participating in the honors fest will take home a permission slip this week. Honors fest is Saturday Nov, 18th.


Sing Day Concert!

Hello from the High School where all the chorus students are busy preparing for the concert tonight. It is sounding great!

Just wanted to send out a clarification. The concert tonight is at 5pm! It was changed from 6 to 5 about a month back and that change never made it to the conners emerson website calendar.  Hope everyone got the correct time from the permission slip. So sorry if anyone had the wrong time!

See you all tonight at 5!


Week of Halloween

Hey everyone!

Here are the lesson schedules for this week.

5/6 Lessons

7/8 Lessons

We have a lot of music events going on this week:

Monday the 5-8 Band will be rehersing for our halloween parade from 2:25-3. Please bring your lyres and flip folders.

Tuesday is our Halloween parade!

Wednesday is MDI sings. If your are in chorus make sure you get your permission slips in ASAP! I have most of them, but there are a few stragglers. MDI Sings Permission Slip Bus departs at 12:30. Concert at 5.

Week of October 23rd

Hey everyone! Here are the lesson schedules for this week.

5/6 Lessons October 23rd

7/8 Lessons October 23rd

Our Halloween Parade is on the 31st and 5-8 band will be marching and playing thriller and ghostbusters. Our only 5-8 rehearsal will be during learning lab on Monday the 30th. Students: If you have your own, please bring in your flip folder and lyre to your lesson this week! We are going to make sure we have everyone set and ready for the parade.

MDI sings is happening on the 1st of November. Permission slips were sent home with chorus students, please return them by chorus practice this week. If students are interested in solos they can find the music and recordings here: Bronwyn, the high school chorus director, will be visiting us on Wednesday! She will listen to students auditioning for solos after chorus ends.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Week of October 16th

Hey everyone! Here are the lesson schedules for this week:

7/8 October 16th

5/6 October 16th

Great job to everyone to participated in the talent show!


Week of October 9th

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend! Here are the lesson schedules for this week.

7/8 Lessons Oct 9th

5/6 Lessons Oct 9th

In band we are hard at work preparing for our halloween parade as well as our winter concert!

Halloween Parade (grades 5-8): Thriller, Ghostbusters

7/8 Band: Carmen Christmas, Danse Macabre, Allegory

5/6 Band: Conquest, 3 Miniature Nutcrackers

Remember, getting at least 2 or 3 opportunities a week to practice at home can make a HUGE difference, even if it is only for a few minutes. Our goal is for everyone to feel confident in their own parts, as well as make great music together!

Week of October 2nd

Here are the lesson schedules for the week of October 2nd.

7/8 Lessons October 2nd

5/6 Lessons October 2nd

Music and recordings for chorus can be accessed HERE!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Week of September 25th

Hello everyone!

We are off to an exciting start this year. Both the bands have been working on new challenging music for our winter concert. We have also been starting to play thriller and ghostbusters for the fast approaching halloween parade. 4th grade band had their first lessons this last week!

Just a reminder for all 5th-8th grade students. Make sure to bring you instrument for band every Monday and Thursday (as well as any day you have your lesson).

Here are lesson schedules for this week:

5/6 Lessons

7/8 Lessons

7th and 8th graders have the chance to sign up to participate in the district honors festival. They will need to let me know on Monday if they are interested.  Permission slips will be sent home sometime in the next few weeks. The honors festival is a fantastic experience for advanced students from all the schools in our district to perform together. The festival will take place November 18th at Ellsworth Middle School.

New School Year, New Lesson Schedule


Hope everyone had a great first week!

I’m so excited to get started with lessons this week. Here are the schedules:

7/8 Lessons Sept 11

5/6 Lessons Sept 11

If you do not see yourself on the lesson sheet let me know or come to the right instrument group lesson and let me know!

This year band is 2nd special on Monday and Thursday for everyone.  See  you tomorrow,

-Mr. Gill

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